Monday, November 9, 2015



Gig Wanderer rised back! We are back on telling you what’s on  our next watchlist of gig. For over the year I’ve been wondering when this sibling duo from New Zealand BROODS will make their performance nearby. Well, I’ll keeping check their songkick schedules, no positive clue. And so I buried my dream to watch their show in my country or other place near here.  I remember when first listened to their single Bridges, damn ! I said. This Broods’s music is just SOMETHING, SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE THEM TO BE BIGGER AND WELL KNOWN. I bought their EP last year, it gave me mood only by listening to their tunes and understand the lyrics they wrote. I love most of the songs of their EP . And then I heard, they released their full album “EVERGREEN”, yess! This is just the right time!.

The album contains 11 singles, my fave picks would be L.A.F, four walls, Mother & Father,  Never Gonna Change, Bridges, and Evergreen. The choices are personal, I suggest you to listen by yourself to find where to put your heart at to their music. 

By the end of last week, I shocked by the news. CREATIVEDISC just posted a poster telling THEY ARE COMING TO JAKARTA, on November 22nd. LIKE WHOAAA,REALLY?? NO MAN, THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! Yeah thought it was a joke. But no THIS IS REAL!!  So yeah people, I’M GONNA WATCH THEM…SING THEIR SONGS ON THEIR SHOW on my next 11 days. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet and interview them soon. I’ll keep you updated on this blog.

SO if you now feel curious about BROODS do watch the video below or check their website and buy their music legally.