Thursday, January 22, 2015


Back in October last two years (2013) , becoming my very best time to start my first step to be a podcaster / a contributor for . The biggest music weblog in Indonesia which brings you many updates from the entertainment news mostly for music . Well, today I’d like to share you one of my unforgettable podcast moment for having a talk with one of Chvrches guy, MARTIN DOHERTY. He’s such a warm and nice person. I feel blessed to be really living my dream back then. I heard my friends envied for this, yeah lots from them. hahaha.

pic source: here

pic source: here

Martin Doherty Chvrches

So here you can listen to my interview session with Martin Chvrches, talking about how they started the wicked electro synthpop trio, their music muse, and music career wishes. And then..What was really become my endorphin after that? I WATCHED CHVRCHES LIVE SHOW ON LANEWAY FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2014. A COMPLETE COMBO FOR A PERFECT GIG WANDERING JOURNEY. (sorry for the nervous and trembling voice.. i was still in a shock couldn't chill my self out while talking with him. lol )

Monday, January 19, 2015


 Yep Yep! so this guy will make it to the town! JAKARTA ! guess this will be his warm up session before smashing his act on LANEWAY FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2015 . This Canadian Musician is a something in Indie Music Rock scene. Starting his album in 2010 with his Yin Yang alb , then Rock and Roll Night Club (2012) , 2 Album (2012- which becomes my fave album of Mac Demarco) , and his latest music work Salad Days (2014) . So i might say he's pretty productive in creating his own music with his multi-instrumentalist skill . First, i need to listen carefully to his songs.. but then it ended up to repeating his music. Yeah, it's addicting! BEWARE! 

So yeah, i'll be there on venue to watch his performance and will do a special gig review for on Thu, Jan 22nd. Mark your date ! If you are planning to catch his act, i hope we can do a meet up and do the sing along session with Mac Demarco. 
Click this link to order his tix for the show! presented by Prasvana x STUDIORAMA
WHERE TO CATCH HIS SHOW ? here The Foundry No.8

check out his Official Vid of Mac Demarco - My kind of woman. it's hillariously tragic. Love it! 

Chamber of Reflection - Mac Demarco 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

today's tunemood : HAIM - EDGE

what's on today's tunemood?
definitely my three rad gurls bandcrush , HAIM . Taken from the UK Deluxe Album of "Days Are Gone", here my today's pick for you! Check out their single, EDGE that includes a song co-written by George Lewis Jr aka TWIN SHADOW . Brilliant song, brilliant lyrics! ZILLIONS LOVE FOR THE SISTERS! 

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore 2015. Counting Days

 counting days to .... *drumrolls !!!

So here is the month for those indie music enthusiasts to attend the most awaited MUSIC FESTIVAL IN ASIA. THE St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2015, Singapore.

Monday, January 12, 2015


 (Changi International Departure Airport, Singapore)

Good day, gig goers! Time flies but memories remained stay. I could still remember my very first international music fest back in 2012. It was Laneway Festival Singapore 2012. The first time experience i arranged a concert trip. Who can resist the Laneway Festival line up anyway? Go take a look down below. BREATHTAKING! I COULD JUST DIE IN A MINUTE !

WAIT.. okay, i survived to re-breathing now! This annual music fest never failed bringing those kool yet stunning bands across the continents.


I could feel some of my friends envied me for this trip. :) Living in Indonesia pushed me to think speculatively about deciding watching some int'l shows abroad. Attending Laneway Festival was definitely THE RIGHT CHOICE!

What i realized that most of the line ups would be quite difficult to arrange a  gig in my country, so Singapore is the right destination to go.

This year, sadly I will not able to attend the LANEWAY FEST SG 2015 because of some projects i handle and need to be finished, therefore i'm writing this as a tribute .

  ( Fort Canning , Singapore 2012. Holding the festival booklet. )