Monday, November 9, 2015



Gig Wanderer rised back! We are back on telling you what’s on  our next watchlist of gig. For over the year I’ve been wondering when this sibling duo from New Zealand BROODS will make their performance nearby. Well, I’ll keeping check their songkick schedules, no positive clue. And so I buried my dream to watch their show in my country or other place near here.  I remember when first listened to their single Bridges, damn ! I said. This Broods’s music is just SOMETHING, SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE THEM TO BE BIGGER AND WELL KNOWN. I bought their EP last year, it gave me mood only by listening to their tunes and understand the lyrics they wrote. I love most of the songs of their EP . And then I heard, they released their full album “EVERGREEN”, yess! This is just the right time!.

The album contains 11 singles, my fave picks would be L.A.F, four walls, Mother & Father,  Never Gonna Change, Bridges, and Evergreen. The choices are personal, I suggest you to listen by yourself to find where to put your heart at to their music. 

By the end of last week, I shocked by the news. CREATIVEDISC just posted a poster telling THEY ARE COMING TO JAKARTA, on November 22nd. LIKE WHOAAA,REALLY?? NO MAN, THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! Yeah thought it was a joke. But no THIS IS REAL!!  So yeah people, I’M GONNA WATCH THEM…SING THEIR SONGS ON THEIR SHOW on my next 11 days. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet and interview them soon. I’ll keep you updated on this blog.

SO if you now feel curious about BROODS do watch the video below or check their website and buy their music legally.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Bonjour! Don't you know it's so hard not to post this gig story of my kinda reunion watching TAHITI 80 live on stage after 4 years ago in Bandung, Indonesia. I'm bringing some fun and good vibes here after reporting live from 5th Music Gallery, Skeeno Hall Gandaria City Jakarta on behalf of CREATIVEDISC.COM.  That day, on Saturday morning was such a chaos for me. I needed to catch my flight at noon after doing my morning duty and scared of losing my flight schedule, thankfully i still got my luck left on me. I arrived at my city airport, 30 mins before its departure by the highspeed cab. Having my anxiety for one hour and fifteen mins flight above the sky, waiting for my time to watch the band. 

Jakarta, 6 pm i rode a bus to the event and prayed that the show hadn't over yet. Phew!!  Finally at the venue by 8 pm and the crowd was like MAD, SUPERMAD. Held at a such not quite enough venue to load those thousands of indiekids around, i saw hundreds were still there waiting on their line, queing to get a permission to enter the door. Heard the news that the venue been overload already, so they must wait til the some audiences flew and replaced by the those on the front door. Meanwhile i'm holding my 'magic card" of PRESS ID entry tix on behalf of, so i can enter the front pit easily and watch the show. 

Before the main show of my all time fave French downtempo indiepop band, TAHITI80 hit the stage, there were some of local indie acts performed there. My personal choices went to these two bands: TREES and WILD and SORE. SORE brought the chamber rock-jazz-psychedelic-indie rock vibes there on the act of worshiping the act ADE PALOH scratching his guitar like crazy. MAJOR LOVE FOR SORE



and...... waiting for the stage preps up to 40 mins.... tick tock.. anxiety getting worse.. heartbeat comes faster...

 ( Stage Crew and Xavier Boyer Tahiti 80 Were Preparing for the Stage)

and please welcome!!!!

TAHITI 80 on stage!!!! * AAAAKKKKKKKKK 

I have been loving them since 2007 and til now and later and forever. This comeback was just like a major dream came true for me. The band say hello and started to play the first song " LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE", wait.. i was still trying to get my feet on the ground. Not ready for this realtime moment, Xavier was standing right there in front of my eyes, just a meter away from me . I was so freakingly happy,i could die. Like yes DIEEE!  (sorry for this overexcited feeling) :D

Next on their lists were ALL MY FAVE HITS of TAHITI 80,taken from the old albums like PUZZLE, FOSBURY, THE PAST THE PRESENT AND THE POSSIBLE,  WALLPAPER FOR THE SOUL and their latest album BALLROOM.

As i screamed request for their songs like GATE 33, 1000 times, Easy, Big Day, and also their latest hits Crush and Coldest Summer ... what became the surprise? THEY ARE ALL THERE ON THE SETLIST!! 

Boyer learnt some easy words to speak in front of the fans in Bahasa Indonesia " HALLO, JAKARTA, Terima Kasih . Senang Saya" yet he's trying to say " I'm so happy being  here in Jakarta" . They succeed to make us sweat and dance on our feet with the hits, the tamborine man made me can't stop my body to move and singing their songs.

Performing for 45 mins, wasn't enough for me .. yeah i want them forever singing in front of me. But that would be unfair for them and all. LOL. So, here we are comes to the end of the show. Yep, i'm talking about the encore of "HEARTBEAT" where most of the fans waiting for that night.

Can you feel my heartbeat when I'm close to you? whoooooo!!!
After the show, i kindly asking Boyer to give me his handwritten setlist, A MASSIVE GOAL! The setlist on my hand now. Merci, Monsieur !

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


THE SUPER LATE REVIEW OF NFG'S SINGAPORE LAST CONCERT IS ON THE WAY! When i heard people say that pop punk era is dead, i guess they're not! not at all. This legendary American Pop Punk band NEW FOUND GLORY made their great comeback to Singapore last month. The early val's day celebration they called. The organizer gave surprise to all ticket holders, announcing on their official facebook page to those who bought the tix are able to bring their date or bff or whoever to the gig. Yes, it's one for one ticket surprise! 
That day, the gate opened at 6 pm and those kids are running towards the theatre with their beaming faces.
 The show's first opener by the rising alternative rock localband called ASPECTRUM, gosh i might say that they got it all up in stage. They warmed up the crowd, shouting , singing, and crowd surving. This was my first watching them, and dropped my big crush on them..yes especially to their drummer. 
Aspectrum, the first opening local act of NFG live in Singapore 
 Next up for the second opener was the Sidney based pop punk band, CAMBRIDGE . Just like everyone on this show, we were curious to know how good will they perform to ignite the stage. The result? beyond awesome! they brought all the energy to the stage and sweat us all. They even sang their cover of Taylor Swift " 22 " and we're like hmmm.. singing it with them. ah! by the end of the show, the players were mingled with many audiences spreading their free stickers and photoposes with their fans. Kool! 
CAMBRIDGE - the Sidney based punkrock band 

Gig Wanderer posed with Cambridge - the aftershow
 Now, straight to the mainshow. WHAT WE HAVE AWAITED FOR! THE GLORIOUS NEW FOUND GLORY HITTING UP THE STAGE! There, they were stomping out the ground! Chad Gilbert,Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka and Mike Ambrose (currently helping the band due to Bolooki's absence). They brought the first dramatical anthem and continued to Selfless from their last album Resurrection . The crowd was a sick madness! Are you thinking bout the circle mosh pit? OF COURSE YOU ARE! They jumped, they shouted, they danced and did the never-get-tired circle mosh pit. Talking about that night setlist, NFG truly mixed em very well. The classic hits, and their latest collections are on the show, harmonically! I feel sorry if you guys couldn't make it for this unforgetable show of NEW FOUND GLORY live in Singapore. But you better follow their updates, here and make sure you'll make it next time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


A February, here goes the time for me to update some gigs wandering  schedule I will attend within a week. Yes people, I will be flying to Singapore to catch three gigs in a row.
As you already know that the American Pop Punk Band NEWFOUND GLORY will perform at SCAPE THE GROUND THEATRE in February 12 , 2015.. The band currently consists of Jordan Pundik (vocals), Chad Gilbert (guitar), Ian Grushka ( bass) and Cyrus Bolooki (drums). They have released eight studio albums, one live album,two EPs, and three cover albums. And this week, they’re making their come back to Singapore.
If you’re about to watch their show catch grab their tix at . Ticket on sale for 78$ / 98$ at the door.


One day break on February 13, 2015. And the day after , right on Valentine’s yeah people! We are going to THE GATHERING at Fort Canning Park Singapore to catch awesome performances of BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, REAL ESTATE, TUNE YARDS, CARIBOU, TEMPLES and other local acts there. Behold, indiepop kids!!!  WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TONS OF FUN!!!






Just to refresh your mind, here are my fave music of them above!

tune yards- my country

belle & sebastian - nobody's empire

real estate - it's real

caribou - our love

source : youtube


The journey will not be over yet, on February 15th. We'll be reporting live from "THIS WILD LIFE AN ACCOUSTIC NIGHT"

Timbre Music and Upsurge Production proudly presents you this duo pop punk band THIS WILD LIFE to Singapore for a free live gig!!! wooohooo!! what else can beat a good vibe of gig without spending your $$ , eh? THIS IS GEWD!

Ok so here is the update,
all we have to do is to  be there
while seat and space last!

So, now i'm gonna packing up my bagpack and get ready for the flight! See you there soon, gigwanderers! Drop me any line on my mail , incase we can have a meet up and have fun there!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Back in October last two years (2013) , becoming my very best time to start my first step to be a podcaster / a contributor for . The biggest music weblog in Indonesia which brings you many updates from the entertainment news mostly for music . Well, today I’d like to share you one of my unforgettable podcast moment for having a talk with one of Chvrches guy, MARTIN DOHERTY. He’s such a warm and nice person. I feel blessed to be really living my dream back then. I heard my friends envied for this, yeah lots from them. hahaha.

pic source: here

pic source: here

Martin Doherty Chvrches

So here you can listen to my interview session with Martin Chvrches, talking about how they started the wicked electro synthpop trio, their music muse, and music career wishes. And then..What was really become my endorphin after that? I WATCHED CHVRCHES LIVE SHOW ON LANEWAY FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2014. A COMPLETE COMBO FOR A PERFECT GIG WANDERING JOURNEY. (sorry for the nervous and trembling voice.. i was still in a shock couldn't chill my self out while talking with him. lol )

Monday, January 19, 2015


 Yep Yep! so this guy will make it to the town! JAKARTA ! guess this will be his warm up session before smashing his act on LANEWAY FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2015 . This Canadian Musician is a something in Indie Music Rock scene. Starting his album in 2010 with his Yin Yang alb , then Rock and Roll Night Club (2012) , 2 Album (2012- which becomes my fave album of Mac Demarco) , and his latest music work Salad Days (2014) . So i might say he's pretty productive in creating his own music with his multi-instrumentalist skill . First, i need to listen carefully to his songs.. but then it ended up to repeating his music. Yeah, it's addicting! BEWARE! 

So yeah, i'll be there on venue to watch his performance and will do a special gig review for on Thu, Jan 22nd. Mark your date ! If you are planning to catch his act, i hope we can do a meet up and do the sing along session with Mac Demarco. 
Click this link to order his tix for the show! presented by Prasvana x STUDIORAMA
WHERE TO CATCH HIS SHOW ? here The Foundry No.8

check out his Official Vid of Mac Demarco - My kind of woman. it's hillariously tragic. Love it! 

Chamber of Reflection - Mac Demarco 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

today's tunemood : HAIM - EDGE

what's on today's tunemood?
definitely my three rad gurls bandcrush , HAIM . Taken from the UK Deluxe Album of "Days Are Gone", here my today's pick for you! Check out their single, EDGE that includes a song co-written by George Lewis Jr aka TWIN SHADOW . Brilliant song, brilliant lyrics! ZILLIONS LOVE FOR THE SISTERS!