Tuesday, March 10, 2015


THE SUPER LATE REVIEW OF NFG'S SINGAPORE LAST CONCERT IS ON THE WAY! When i heard people say that pop punk era is dead, i guess they're not! not at all. This legendary American Pop Punk band NEW FOUND GLORY made their great comeback to Singapore last month. The early val's day celebration they called. The organizer gave surprise to all ticket holders, announcing on their official facebook page to those who bought the tix are able to bring their date or bff or whoever to the gig. Yes, it's one for one ticket surprise! 
That day, the gate opened at 6 pm and those kids are running towards the theatre with their beaming faces.
 The show's first opener by the rising alternative rock localband called ASPECTRUM, gosh i might say that they got it all up in stage. They warmed up the crowd, shouting , singing, and crowd surving. This was my first watching them, and dropped my big crush on them..yes especially to their drummer. 
Aspectrum, the first opening local act of NFG live in Singapore 
 Next up for the second opener was the Sidney based pop punk band, CAMBRIDGE . Just like everyone on this show, we were curious to know how good will they perform to ignite the stage. The result? beyond awesome! they brought all the energy to the stage and sweat us all. They even sang their cover of Taylor Swift " 22 " and we're like hmmm.. singing it with them. ah! by the end of the show, the players were mingled with many audiences spreading their free stickers and photoposes with their fans. Kool! 
CAMBRIDGE - the Sidney based punkrock band 

Gig Wanderer posed with Cambridge - the aftershow
 Now, straight to the mainshow. WHAT WE HAVE AWAITED FOR! THE GLORIOUS NEW FOUND GLORY HITTING UP THE STAGE! There, they were stomping out the ground! Chad Gilbert,Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka and Mike Ambrose (currently helping the band due to Bolooki's absence). They brought the first dramatical anthem and continued to Selfless from their last album Resurrection . The crowd was a sick madness! Are you thinking bout the circle mosh pit? OF COURSE YOU ARE! They jumped, they shouted, they danced and did the never-get-tired circle mosh pit. Talking about that night setlist, NFG truly mixed em very well. The classic hits, and their latest collections are on the show, harmonically! I feel sorry if you guys couldn't make it for this unforgetable show of NEW FOUND GLORY live in Singapore. But you better follow their updates, here and make sure you'll make it next time.

1. Selfless 2. Understatement 3. Don’t Let Her Pull You Down 4. Resurrection 5. Hit or Miss 6. Something I Call Personality 7. Hold My Hand 8. Anthem for the Unwanted 9. The Worst Person 10. Truth of My Youth 11. Listen to Your Friends 12. It’s Not Your Fault 13. Ready and Willing 14. Failure’s Not Flattering 15. Kiss Me 16. Dressed to Kill 17. Intro 18. My Friends Over You
 Encore: 19. One More Round 20. Truck Stop Blues 21. All Downhill from Here
See you on our next review, gig goers! 

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